After reading about a lot of failed upgrades, I thought I'd share a
solution to help protecting yourselves and your companies data.

I've only done this on HP gear, so no idea on how this would work with
other H/W

This solution saves a lot of uneccessary sweating :)

Dunno how many of you use it out there, but for those that havnt thought
about it, here it is:

1x Novell NetWare Server
1x HPDL380G4
1x Smart Array 641 Controller
1x Mirrored Drive Set (SYS vol)

Principles of Operation

This process has only been tested on a HP-DL380G4 with the configuration
mentioned above.

However this process should work on any O/S as this is hardware related
and not software. It is also highly probable that this process will work
on other HP hardware of a similar generation.

This recovery method employs utilising HP hardware mirroring solution.
By purposely breaking the mirrored set, we are effectively protecting
ourselves against a failed upgrade. This leaves us with the ability to
roll-back to a pre-upgraded state.

1)Power down the server
2)Remove HDD-1 from slot-1 (leaving HDD-0 in slot-0)
3)Power up server (This will make HDD-0 in slot-0 the primary drive for
the mirror)
4)Hit F2 to Fail drives that are not responding and enter interim
recovery mode
5)Once server is up, apply service pack and perform any post
instructions required e.g. reboot
6)If the service pack has applied successfully and the server is
operating correctly replace the removed HDD-1 back into slot 1. This
will allow mirroring from HDD-0 slot 0 -> HDD-1 slot 1 to continue and

Should the service pack fail

6)Power down the server
7)Pull the HDD-0 from slot 0
8)Put the original HDD-1 from slot-1 back in place in slot-1
9)Power up server
10)Hit F2 to Fail drives that are not responding and enter interim
recovery mode
11)Put HDD-1 back in to slot-1 this will allow mirroring to complete
back to the original known good state.