Thanks from here, also.

I was trying to configure one nic for gw web app, and one
for ftp, both on the same subnet in the dmz. couldn't ping from the
one nic that was connected.

What would be the best way to do that, have two addresses on one
nic, and use the other for failover (teaming), or ???


Andy Thompson (SysOp) wrote:

> BP wrote:
>> NW 6.5 SBS SP3
>> This is an HP ML350 with an embedded NIC and a second Intel NIC.
>> Basically everything loads up fine with the HP NIC set as the
>> Primary/Default. Addresses are (HP) and
>> the Intel The Intel NIC is going to be
>> used to provide a dedicated link to a Caminosoft Standby Server.
>> Presumeably the two servers will need to connect to each other...

> You can't have two NICs on the same subnet in the server. Bind the
> intel to 192.168.169.x or another valid subnet.