Sorry for the other post..
This is not verified with Novell !
I have seen this issues in New installation from OES SP1/SP4 overlay
or upgrade to SP4.
This must be a bug in the installation. Or when you deselct tls bind
under the installation process of Netware 6.5/OES. I really dont know.

This is I solved the ldap issues.

How to see the problem:
1. Unable to login to Virtual Office, eGuide or iManager.

2. On the server:
set dstrace=on
set dstrace=+ldap
search if you find some of these errors: 34, 5871, 5875

When you compare the ldap group objekt with a server that works the
mapping list is quite diffrent on the working one you have a lot of
mor mappings.

How to solved this:
Delete the not working ldap group object. Re-create it and assign it
to the server.
Restart the server.
Now you will see that more mappings are there and things starts to

This is how I solved this, I don't say that it fine one.

Kind regards !

// Roger Carlsson