Here's a poser. Has anyone seen this?

I downloaded the latest version of the Novell Sever Consolidation Utility
and installed it on an XPSP2 machine with the 4.91SP2 client. Servers are
NW6SP5. I can create migration profiles and run them quite successfully, but
if I close NSCU and reopen, the project database invariably fails to
validate, issuing the following message:

Error validating the project database.
The source path for a dropped directory or volume doesn't exist in the file
system, therefore you may want to back it out.
Destination path: '\\DATA1\DATAV1'
Source path: '\\DATA1\VOL1'

The above is for a local-to-SAN run, but the symptoms are the same for
inter-server. I've tried this against three servers, and on both W2K and XP
machines. MDAC is 2.8. Needless to say, this blows the ability to do
scheduled runs right out of the water.

No hits in the knowledgebase on this one that I can find. Anyone have a clue
they can spare me?