Just finished a migration from an older NW 6.0sp5 server to new hardware running NW 6.5 sp4a Small Business. Migration went OK after some initial issues w/SMDR. I had installed a very basic bare bones Nw 6.5 server for the target machine, as recommended. Then, after the migration I installed the rest of the server modules that I would normally have running - Apache, Tomcat, iFolder, iMonitor, etc. After doing that I noticed that the web server was not running and nothing was showing as running under JAVA, which usually means that Tomcat did not load. So, I uninstalled all of these modules and re-installed them, after renaming the appropriate folders in the SYS volume which were then re-created. Well, at the end of the re-install, the message that it was "Closing installation files" never went away - and after hour I just rebooted the server. Still, web server is not running correctly. I have run PKIDiag and cleaned up NICI and I have changed the IP address appropriately. Anything I am missing? NORM runs fine so HTTPS to the server is OK. I have to get the web server and Tomcat running or I will not be able to properly install and run other services - Groupwise Web Access & Border Manager, for example. Thanks.