Onthe weekend I was setting up a new 6.5 server. When I got to the part
where you select the Orgainizational Unit in the tree you want the server to
go, I was unable to select the appropriate OU (we based these on location
name) located below the Organization. However, I was able to select one of
the other OU. I selected the tree, and then typed the name of the OU that I
wanted the server to install to. I was able to contuinue, and everything
appeared to go OK. When I returned on Monday, I noticed that the server did
not install in the correct OU, but instead it created a new Organization
container. How can I get this server into the correct OU? If I have to
remove the new OU, and blow away the server and re-install, how to I get it
to install into the correct OU? I have tried this install at least 5 times
and have not been able to install it into the correct OU. The OU I am trying
to install into does not currectly have a server in it (it crashed and had
to be removed), it does have other OUs and one of them (BorderManager) does
contain a server. Any ideas on how to correct this? Can I move the contents
of the incorrect OU into the the correct OU?