I am installing a new 6.5 server for the first time in a network with
three 4.11 servers.
Support pack 9 is installed as well as DS6.21
Deployment Manager has been run and confirmed servers were ready.
Install was going easily until I get to eDirectory Installation.

My knowledge of Netware is limited but I have been working with these 4.11
servers for the last 2 years. (I had clasroom training on 5.1 over 5 years
ago and I have yet to use any of it.)

My first thought was the communication was incorrect...(bad IP or IPX
setup?) but the eDirectory context Browser has found my tree.

It is unable to find any containers below the (root) and I am unable to
login to the tree. (Login failure! Error code -634)
I don't know what the -634 error code is or how to fix it.

By attempting to proceed with the installation, without logging in to the
tree, I receive another message. The messages I receive tells me to make
sure the server is configured with the same protocols as the server I want
to connect to.
Then I am given a new box to enter the IP address of the server containing
a replica. I enter the IP for the 4.11 server with the replica and get a
message saying the connection failed.

After having verified the protocols (binding and unbinding ip
address/mask/gateway and using inetcfg.nlm to verifiy ipx net address) I
am still at a loss.
I even got a second opinion from a old Netware 4.11 consultant, who has
not seen our network or touched Novell in 5-6 years. He thinks it is a
proglem with logging in.

I am still convinced that I have not correctly got the networking setup
based on the error messages.

Any directions to TID's or instructions you may have would be greatly
I feel this must be an easy fix if I just knew where to look.