We have primarily a novell shop with some linux servers and windows 2000
servers. On my NW65 servers I have a mixture of sp2, and sp4 with the
n65nss4b Ir. We are relatively stable with little interuptions to speak of
now. I had an issue with memory fragmentation on one of them so I went from
sp2 to sp4 n65nss4b. I proceeded to put the sp4 n65...on 2 others and so far
everything seems to be functioning rather well. I have been reading this
forum and I hear about sp4a and some issues after installation. This is
making me a little hesitant about going to 4a. I guess what Iam asking is 2
fold. No.1 In the process of going to 4 with nss4b will I be affecting my
Edir with a mixture of support packs? Will the time be in sync and the
general health of my nds be ok with different support packs? And No2. I am
leaning toward just going to sp4 with n65nss4b and not even worrying about
sp4a because so far everything seems to be ok. Would that be a decent plan
for patching? Any help would be greatly appreciated.