Currently on NW5.1 with a few servers at main and remote offices. Want
(need) to upgrade to newer NOS, so my logical choice would be OES with the
Netware option (and so that I can start playing with the Linux option).

On the training side I'd appreciate a few pointers. I currently have a
NW5.1 CNA and several years experience. I'd like to get the necessary
training to be able to upgrade and administer Netware 6.5, hopefully with
some exposure to the Linux flavor on the side to get me started. Preferably
a certfication would help but not mandatory. In the old days I'd be looking
for a Netware 6.5 CNE or CNA, how about today? What specific courses or
course plan would be best?

On the Netware 6.5 side, does it include ZEN or at least a partial ZEN? For
instance right now I'm using the old Zenworks starter pack (version 2 I
think) for the only reason being that I needed the DLU in order to avoid 2
sets of password for my users with Windows 2000 or above workstations (which
means all of them now...). The Zenworks that I'm using isn't supported
anymore and each client release risks breaking it. Does NW6.5 include
something that provides the DLU support natively?

I heard something about Netware 6.5 not needing the Netware client?? How do
users login then?

Finally, does IFOLDER provide access via a web site to users Word/Excel
files so that users out of the office can still work with files on the file
server? How does this work? Does it download a copy of the file to the
users local computer offsite, and keep track that it's been checked out or
some similar control so 2 users don't access at the same time?

Sorry for the many questions, I have a lot of research to do, but figured
I'd cover some of the key points above in order to start me on the right

Timeline is to get the master replica server upgraded within 3 months.