Our Dell rep has indicated that no NetWare 6.5 (and I am guessing that
means anything older that 6.5) or OES NetWare drivers are being
developed for the PowerEdge 1950.

Can this be verified?

The combined emails from our Dell Rep
The 1950 is scheduled to launch in the early Dell Q2. I'd say
sometime in between March-June is probably best bet.

On the driver question:

Windows, RH Linux & SuSe Linux - there will be no Netware drivers
available, period. Novell is not updating the NW6.5 kernel at all
moving forward and thus can't really integrate new technologies.

Right now the Netware kernel will not be supported on 9G. The OES
(SuSE) Linux kernel will be supported.


Technical Services
James Madison University

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