I'm finishing up an upgrade of a SBS 4.2 system to a SBS 6.5.4 system.
The network is used to run Great Plains Accounting, version 9, which
runs on Btrieve. They have a 10-user license of Pervasive SQL v7.

I'm hesitating to install this on the new server, which reports
Btrieve v 7.94. I'm concerned that it would downgrade the btrieve
that the operating system uses. It does look like the SQL engine and
the btrieve engine might be separate entities.

I have also installed the new CA BrightStor ArcServe 11.1, which wants
an upgrade to ver 8.5 of Btrieve.

I know for other experience that the server will be fine with the 8.5
Btrieve, as would ArcServe. I suspect that GPS would run OK on this
as well. I can download a "free" 30 day trial of version 8. But I
don't know how I would remove it, once the Netware operating system
was using it.

I'd like to learn how to install the 10-user SQL v7 license into the
server, since its all bought and paid for, GPS runs fine, and, as fas
as I know, they don't really need any of the new features of version
8. It's kind of spendy, costing over $1000 US for a 10-user license.
But I don't want to mess up the existing btrieve for the OS, either.

What to do, what to do?