I would be so pleased if someone could suggest a cost effective solution.

I am about to upgrade from Novell 5.1 to 6.6 Small Business Edition.

The “Comms Room” where all the Cat 5 cables (data and phone) meet is in a
room adjacent to the toilets. Flooding (from the toilets above) is a
medium risk. Can I run another server which will mirror the main server
but physically place that server the other end of the office – far away
from water etc. The only feasible connection is Cat 5 cabling. Clustering
appears to need optical or SCSI cabling and we have no optical cabling
laid and SCSI to my mind means close proximity.

I have backups but restoring would take some time and I would love to
have an immediate solution to a flood, disk failure (I have a mirrored
raid) or a localised fire or theft.