Hi all,
I'm the LAN manager for the Dept. of Residence Life's IT office at the
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I have 3 Netware 6.5 SP3 (soon to be
SP4a) servers running eDirectory on HP Proliant DL380 hardware. My
user base is about 500 users. Currently there is way too much running on
those servers (GroupWise 6.5, ZenWorks 6.5, Apache, NDPS, File Services,
other utilities...) and I am planning to do a fairly significant system
re-design in the summer months when there are no students around and
lighter staff use. I would like some feedback on my current upgrade plan.

First, I plan on buying a new HP Proliant DL360 with Dual 3.6GHz Intel
Xeons and 6GB of memory. That server will get a half terrabyte of storage
on our SAN via fiber channel. My existing 3 DL380's include one second
generation model which will be retired to a "testing" server. The
remaining 2 DL380 Gen. 3's will be reformatted and Netware 6.5 cluster
services will be installed. These two servers arranged in a cluster will
get a LUN on the SAN via fiber channel as well. Then the two servers
running cluster services will be file servers only. The beefy new proliant
will run VMWare ESX and subsequently four virtual netware 6.5 servers. The
four virtual servers will separately host the following: Groupwise,
ZenWorks, Apache (iManager and Netstorage), and NDPS/LDAP/Other. Obviously
I am glossing over a lot of details but in the intrest of time and space I
am summarizing. I would be happy to include any details requested.

Of course I would like all of this to be a migration from our current setup
and I want to retain our current tree with all user accounts, data, and
GroupWise messages. The only thing to change would be system organization.

My goals for all of this are better fault tolerance by having things more
spread out, and easier system maintenance. Any feedback is greatly
appreciated! Thanks.
Tim Curless