Hi, I hope this is the correct forum for this post. I have a NW6 cluster
with SP2(applied May '03) and the post SP2 nss patches (applied Oct '03).
My system has been relatively stable which is why I haven't installed
further patches to it.

My cluster is 2 CPQ Proliant DL380's and a SAN with 2 MSA1000's. The
first MSA1000 has 3 shelves, each full of 72 GB drives. Each shelf is
roughly 800GB and each is its own pool. The first pool has 5 volumes. I
know it shouldn't be that way, but that's how it was when I inherited it.
It also has compression enabled. I added the other two shelves and each
pool has one volume associated with it, no compression. The second MSA100
has 1.2 TB worth of 300GB drives, I'm using it to create a read only
volume to archive stale data from the original drives.

Yesterday my primary node abended and I had to rebuild pool1. The rebuild
took 14 hours and when it was complete I was able to activate it and
mount the associated volumes. I tried a couple times to do some tape
operations and each time the server abended with page faults relating to
Backup Exec so I've been running it all day without BE loaded. The BE
version is 9.0.4202.

I spent most of the past two days moving roughly 100 GB of compressed
data from one data volume to my new archive volume, first using the
Netware copy function; then when that seemed to be leaking resources on
my workstation, switching to Windows Explorer drag and drop. After
copying I compare properties and when identical, deleted the original
files and then purged that directory. I'm only mentioning this in case it
has something to do with stressing the server out and causing the first
abend yesterday afternoon.

Anyways, I do need to load my tape backup software and suspect that I may
need to install SP5 and nw6nss5c. Are there any other recommended patches
I should apply? Apologies if this should have been in a different sub-


Mark Georg