I have three 4.11 servers in a tree called MTII. This MTII tree at one
time had a 6.5 server (master of all) but has since been lost - and it was
not completly setup up yet. (Don't ask)
There is no backup as it was a very newly aquired/installed server. It
was the first Netware 6.5 in that MTII tree.

I have a new server now with a fresh install of Netware 6.5 SP4, but it is
in another tree. I need to move this 6.5 server from it's current tree to
the MTII tree.

I have searched for TID's and have only had the suggestion to use iManager
to merge the trees. While I can access I manager, I get
a "UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION" error when clicking on "Merge Tree."

Can I get suggestions with the best process moving forward? I have posted
in iManager forum for help assuming that the only way I can make this
happen with with that Merge utility. Are there any other utilities that
will do this... keeping in mind that I need all the security container
info and certificates to function as well.