Hi, I have a problem and this is how it goes:

Upgraded a 5.1 server to a 6.5 server using the migration utility.

A few days later realized there was a file I need from the old server on a
volume2 (traditonal file system) which I did not migrate that I needed so
fired up the old server and of course DS is locked, so I think to myself, no
problem I would like to use that old server for some other tasks anyway so I
started a fresh install of 6.5 onto it. I was careful at the point where it
said "Do you want to delete all Netware partitions or just Sys?" to pick
just Sys, my thought being that once I got it up and going the Vol1 and Vol2
would still be intact!
Well lo and behold now that I get it up I see my new Sys volume but all the
rest of the disk is just free space!

Is there any possible way now to get those old volumes back?
Thanks for any help on this,