I'm running NetWare 6.5 sp4a. When I initially built the server, I did
not install IPX. Now, I would like to. I did so by going into inetcfg,
enabling the IPX protocol, and then choosing to bind it to my network
card. However, when I reinitialize the system, I see the following
error message:

SYSINIT: Binding IPX to Q57_1_EII_E82.
SYSINIT: Bind failed: item not present.
SYSINIT: Binding IP to Q57_1_EII_EII.

Above this, I see a message about an unknown set parameter name for
Load Balance Local LAN=Off.

Any ideas? Am I missing something? I've checked to make sure that I
didn't mess up on the IPx address, I'm not sure why it's throwing this
error. THanx in advance.