I upgraded a NW6.0 SP5 server, running on Dell Poweredge 2650, to OES
SP4a using the SP4a overlay cds, doing an inplace upgrade. Server is
used as file/print server, running iManager, Symantec AV, and Legato
Networker Client for backup. Configured with PERC3/Di Raid 5 and teamed
2 Broadcom Gigabit NICs.
24 hours after the upgrade the server went off-line and the other servers
in the tree lost communications with it. I discovered this when I could
not connect to the server.
When I arrived on site the console was hung and I could not change
screens, nor go to the debugger or alternate console. The following
message, as best as I can remember, was on the screen:
Critical Sectioning prevented the requested FATFS.....(more, cant
This was repeated several times. Also I have no idea which screen,
console, logger, this was.
Knowledge base and Google search has turned up 0 results.
Any ideas anyone?????
TIA, Rich Macaluso