Installing SP4a onto an NW65 sp3 box because of abends "Kernel detected an
attempted context switch when it was not allowed". Abend log only ever
shows Abend 2 for these and the server has re-booted.

Including backup files to be replaced it got to 57% and hung - left for 66
hours over the weekend just in case - reporting "Removing file
SYS:\SMSSRVR.ZIP" on the NWConfig screen. That Zip file didn't exist.

After re-booting I re-applied sp4a without further backing up files to be
replaced it got to 64% "Unloading Java" on NWConfig screen. On the System
Console it cycles through
java -shutdownall
java -kill
java -shutdownall
java -kill
until re-booted.

Attempting to unload java fails "because of one or more suspended classes"

Java -show reports that 3 classes are suspended:

I have remmed nearly everything out of Autoexec.ncf and checked that
Java.nlm is not loaded before starting to apply SP4a and it still gets to
the same place every time.

How can I get this box properly service packed?