we use novell 6 and just updated it with sp5 and nss5c,but we find a
strange question after the update operation,that we cannot find some
files through windows explorer while we can see them through adrem or
through consoleone. That is to say,when we open the folder by explore,we
will see 0 files(or fewer files than there should be),while through
consoleone,we will see maybe more than 1000 files.I have captured the
pictures,but the bbs don't support paste picture here.
My client version is novell client
I tried to build another folder and copied all the files to it using
adrem,now I can see all the files by windows explorer.Since there are a
large quantity of folders in our system,I can't solve this problem in
this way.
Is it a bug in sp how can we solve this problem!
thank you!