We have a multiple server network running NetWare 6.0 with edirectory 8.6.2
(DS.NLM 10350.30) and GroupWise GroupWise with multiple domains (1 primary &
5 secondary). We have a new server that will not support NetWare 6.0, only
6.5; it's an HP DL380 G4. The new server will be installed at one of the
edge sites away from the central office. What will it take to install that
server with NetWare 6.5? I know I have to run the Deployment Manager to
prepare the network, but here are some detailed questions:

* Can a 6.5 server actually be added to an all-6.0 network?
* Will Deployment Manager actually upgrade eDirectory for me, or will it
only identify which servers need to be upgraded?
* What is the minimum eDir version that needs to be running on the 6.0
servers to support the addition of the new 6.5 server?

I'm looking for a high-level approach to adding this new 6.5 server to an
otherwise all 6.0 network. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


-- Geoff