Tried a down server ugprade a few times, but after it looks like it is done,
the server reboots itself correctly, but then it just doesn't load
correctly. DS loads, and amazingly, we can get into the server, files etc..
even browse the web without bordermanager loading. But, it we try to run
anything at the console, nothing loads manually correctly. Anything that
requires the NWSNUT to be preloaded, doesn't work.

During the upgrade, I can see it is loaded, but not after the reboot. FWIW,
the NWDEPLOY remote upgrade has failed most times.

We did remove the NWINST.TMP folder and the config.nw file, but no change.

What can I look for that may tell me what is missing?

Also, we are downloading the latest Overlay CD to run a downserver upgrade
again. The CD's we used on the IBM 225 server (we did the BIOS upgrade
already) were the NW 6.5 SP0 set.