My customer would like to upgrade the existing NetWare servers and GroupWise
to latest version. Since I have never done the OES upgrade before, I hope
people here can give me some direction, please. My customer has the
following configurations:

- Two Netware 4.11 servers
* Server A (with 50 users licenses) has GroupWise 5.5 installed and also
used for file sharing
* Server B (with run time licenses only) has Border Manager 3.6 install
as company firewall. (IP/IP gateway is enabled)
- Both servers are PIII 1.4Ghz with 512MB RAM

The customer wants to upgrade both servers to latest version of NetWare
(whatever come with OES) and GroupWise 7. I don't where to start or what
should be done first. Please help.

Thanks very much,