I have about 22 servers all but two running NetWare 6.0 SP5 as file servers and a few with a GW 6.5.4 post office. My servers as a standard have 1 GB of memory, all are Xeon processor. There are a few that have 512 but only are file and print. My GW 6.5 server with the MTA has 1GB of memory that I feel I should upgrade to at least 2GB. My main f/p server has 1GB and also runs Zen 4.01 and NetStorage. I also think that server needs to have at least 2 GB. Other than those two servers most of my servers are only used by no more than 30 people and probably don't need memory upgrades since they 1GB.

My question is really related to the GW server and the main f/p server. Are there any issues upgrading these servers to OES SP1a (6.5 SP4a) that I should be aware of. I do run backups of these servers so at least the data should be relatively safe if something bad should happen.

I've run the OES upgrade on my backup server and didn't have any problems but wanted to make sure I wasn't going to run into any on the Zen and GW servers.

Thanks for any help.

Dave Flax