Right, I totally forgot about the NWSNUT.nlm in the system folder that I
copied from SP1. I suspect that is the issue right there then.

I will check that first. For some reason, NWSNUT would not load from the
NWSERVER folder, so I tried to copy it and manually load it, which worked
fine. After I did the upgrade, I meant to both remove it from the system
folder to test, and to update it. Sigh! too many hours sometimes!


>>> Andrew C Taubman<ataubman.RemoveThisToMailMe@novell.AndThis .com>

11/30/05 5:40 PM >>>
My guess is one or more modules from NW65 have failed to copy, or copy
correctly for one reason or another.

Edit.nlm from SP4a should be 26 Jun 2005; NWSNUT (which provides
NWSEnableSearchInEdit) 10 Aug 2005. If they are present in more than one
of c:\nwserver, sys:system and sys:public then they should all be the
above version. You might also see where your search paths point with the
SEARCH command.

With the bootlog issue, maybe you need to step through the loadstages to
see what the first error is; run it up with "Server -kf8", then do the
following in order:


loadstage 1

loadstage 2

loadstage 3

loadstage 4


loadstage 5
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