Hi all,

I just want to know if my thinkings are correct.

1) First Tree have 4 servers all NW6.0 SP5 (2 GB Ram except 1 that has 1
GB Ram) with no post sp update and eDir 8.7.0 and i'm going to install
my first OES Linux in with GW and ZEN.

I was going to install TCP610M, NW6NSS5C, applying eDIR 8.7.3 plus eDIR patch before OES Linux (beginning with the Master replica of Root).
Is this the correct way or have i to install eDIR before TCP and NSS ?

2) Second Tree i just inherit which consite of a single NW6.5.3 (2 GB
Ram) running eDir, NDPS 3.01.07, Arcserve 11.1.
This Tree would not be merge into to first one but the server is showing
some memory problem with Arcserve (E0007 Server is low on memory ...)

So i was planning on installing NW65sp4a then N65NSS4B and TCP661E and
perhaps Arcserve SP's.

Anything else ???

I have all config file from config12.