On the weekend I upgraded a 5.0 SBS to eDir 8.5.3 and added a 6.5 server to
the tree. I moved Groupwise and user home dirs to the new server but that's
all. We run a Fourth Shift database on the 5.0 server but nothing was
touched or changed. The DOS clients login and everything works great but
while running a night batch program I get some memory errors. Currently in
my login script I have an ATTACH statement to allow the DOS clients to
attach to the new server otherwise it will stop the autologins and ask for
a username on that server. There is no need for the DOS clients to have
access to the new server. Is there a way to have a single station not
attach to the new server at all as it's the only station which runs these
programs and the addition of the new server is really the only change.

Thanks in advance