Another newbie...

I have a Netware Small Business 6.5 server that I'm trying to setup. The
server has 2 network card (internal/external). 1 card is only binded to a
public ip w/ a default route The other one is disabled at this point.

In my DSL router I have 2 wire 170HG which is set to dhcp fixed public
network/bridge Network to allow public broadband ip to be used in the
network. The router picks up an ip from my isp through PPPOE picking up The router address is and running dhcp.
Throough the router I can allocate public ip to my dhcp assigned private ip.

I can ping the server's public ip from another computer in the network that
has an allocated public ip, but I couldn't ping it from the router or from
outside the internet although I can ping another worksation in the lan from
outside the internet. If I tracert it, the connection stops at the router
and does not continue to the server.

I'm 100% sure that I'm doing this wrong, but how am I able to ping the
server from the outside world. The router's is set to allow ping, echo,
etc... and the ip has all ports open in the router.

What should be my best approach considering my server has 2 nic cards.

Btw, I'm binding the nic card to a public ip so I can setup gw to it.