Just want to check in with an upgrade scenario. We have two Netware 5.1 SP
7 servers with NDS version 8.85c and PKI 2.23.02 for NICI along with two
Netware 6 SP5 on one and SP4 on the other; the NW 6 both have eDirectory
8.6.2 SMP and PKI is 2.70.01 and JVM 1.3.1.

We are planning to upgrade NICI first to get 2.6.8 prior to upgrade of
eDirectory to 8.7.3 and thought it might be good to run that a bit before
moving on with patch 7 version for the new eDirectory. We also want to get
iManager 2.0 installed after eDirectory and taking note of Service Pack 8
for NetWare 5.1 and wondering if we might be getting anything out of order.
Such as the note in SP8 about JVM and probably wanting to move on to 1.4
for the Java Virtual Machine and iMangager. We are already using
ConsoleOne 1.3.6 and that was not noted in the JVM notes for SP8.

Frojon Banwell
Network Admin