Hi all,

I am facing a weird problem here. I've tried to reinstall Novell
Webaccess in a NW6.0/sp5 box as posted in the
netware.6x.administration-tools forum. It didn't work.

But the worst thing is that now the server stops answering at any IP
after one hour/one hour and a half working without a glitch. It seems
that the problem doesn't affect to all the ports/IPs at the same time,
but I am not able to establish a path for the failure.

When I selected Netware Webaccess for installation, Netware Port
Resolver appeared also in the products selected to install list. I
guessed there was some kind of dependency between both products. Could
be the installation/re-installation of the Port redirector the root of
the problem?

Please, any idea will be really welcome. Thanks!!!

Ricardo Rodriguez
The XEN ICT Team