Hello all: I admin for a smallish group of Physicians. We run OES/NW
in what I would call a traditional setup. Specifically we try to limit
a server to running one or two main functions, say one for printing,
one for GW, one for backup, one for data storage, one for zenworks, one
for BM, and one for faxserve. This setup has served us well as any one
server failure will not cripple the remaining services although you can
argue that the data server is VERY important.

So, our servers are now 7 years old and we are looking at upgrading,
but I am wondering if we should consider a different infrastructure
design. Specifically, I am interested in moving to a SAN with 3 or 4
servers running in a cluster to provide multiple fail-over protection
rather than 7 or 8 that do not.


Thanks, Chris.