We have a bordemanager 3.8 Sp3 server running on netware 6 sp5.
Befor the memory upgrade (2GB) the cache buffers were at 55%.
After the memory upgrade (3GB) the cache buffers are at 31%.
Monitor displays:

Allocated memory pool, in bytes 642,228,224 20%
Cache buffer memory, in bytes 983,932,928 31%
Cache movable memory, in bytes 0 0%
Cache non-movable memory, in bytes 10,977,280 0%
Code and data memory, in bytes 42,372,634 1%
Miscellanous memory, in bytes 1,541,293,542 48%
Total server work memory, in bytes 3,220,804,608 100%

The NLM footprint in NRM is 661,291,008 bytes mainly used by

Mind you we did the upgrade not to decrease the cache buffers but to
increase thems. On the other hand today the cache buffers are at 35%
which is an increase from yesterday but still seem very low. Is this
normal or is there a way to increase the cache buffers further?
The server has all traditional volumes
sys: 10GB, cache1: 5GB, cache2: 5GB
cache1,2 have 16k blocks, no sub alloc, DOS only name space.