I just upgraded a NetWare 5.1 sp 7 server to NetWare 6.5 sp4 using the
overlay. I had to do this to get the new GroupWise 7 Webaccess up and
running. Needless to say I was nervous. But it went really well.

The upgrade process worked Great!!

I had commented out all third party and non essential NMLs and processes.

Ran the update and let it do its thing. I am pretty impressed.

I had a minor issue with DNS. This server is an external server and does
our external DNS. And its the only one. So I had exported all the DNS
zones to be safe. I did have issues with my secondary zones. But it was
fixed by just importing the zones. And I tested. If I had not exported
them before. I can export and reimport them after the fact so I still
would be OK.

Thanks Guys!!