I am a little green on how all the different TSAs work and what SMDR is all about, so part of this question is a request for a down and dirty quick primer on how these things work together.

We have a new server that we setup last week in a new tree we have been slowly migrating all of our offices to. The OLD-SRVR was NetWare 6.0 SP4 in OLD-TREE, while the NEW-SRVR is NetWare 6.0 SP5 in NEW-TREE. Here is a little detail on version numbers from what I see as being important:

TSA600 - 6.00.08
TSANDS - 10551.61
SMDR - 6.54

TSANDS - 10551.61
TSAFS - 6.50.09
SMDR - 6.54.01

Remote PC:
Novell Server Consolidation Utility - 4.0.502.28
Novell Client -

We are trying to migrate away from a legacy patched together setup, to a new tree that includes naming standards and is clean. To facilitate this, during this round of hardware replacement, we are doing a fresh install of NetWare 6.0 SP5 and all installed applications. We are not migrating any settings, from OLD-SRVR to NEW-SRVR, only data. To make the data migration a little smoother, we plugged OLD-SRVR (10/100 NIC), NEW-SRVR (Gig NIC), and ADMIN-PC (Gig NIC) to a Linksys 5-port gigabit switch. The initial plan was to unload any unnecessary applications (including antivirus), but not disable logins, and move the data during the day, then do a final pass with logins disabled to catch updated files. We started the data migration Wednesday afternoon around 4:00 PM, and it is finally going to finish sometime TONIGHT! A little over 5 days, for only 120-130 GB of data seems more than ridiculous, especially considering we have done roughly 30 GB in 12 hours in past migrations.

Could anyone point out some things I can check on to see what caused this migration to be slower than frozen molasses? We have several servers we will be doing between now and summer of 2006, so we want to have the most efficient process possible to ease this pain.

Some ideas I have come up with as causing problems:
1. Both servers should be running TSAFS (rather than one using TSA600 and one TSAFS). Is this correct, or does this even matter?
2. SMDR should be the same version on both servers
3. Is it possible to setup multiple projects on multiple "Admin" PCs to migrate portions of data, then migrate those portions simultaneously?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Ryan Sinnwell