I don't seem to be able to install OES or Netware 6.5 onto a server
after enabling RAID on the board. These are Intel boards. The newest
supports RAID 5 and the older RAID 1. For the older one, installation
went fine after disabling the mirroring.

I get the message during installation that no storage devices were
found. If I try and manually load the SCSI driver that came with the
board, this driver will not load either. The FAT copy process of the
installation works fine to the hard drive.

I seem to be missing something. Am I meant to load a RAID driver? There
are no RAID drivers on the server CD (except for SATA RAID, but I didn't
get the SATA version. I went for the SCSI version.).

The SCSI driver is from LSI Logic. There is LSIMptNw.ham and LSIMptNw.ddi.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Regards Warren