Last night I migrated and old server to new hardware and from nw6.5 sp2 to
a nw6.5 sp4a (overlay). I use the migration tool 8.1. Now I am getting a
timesync problem.
When I loaded remote manager it sugeested that I change the Timeserv.cfg
file to load xntpd. I did restarted the Server but forgott ot rem out
Load Timesync. I fixed that and then restarted the server. Now I get and
error in remote manager that states NTP Montoring service LOADED/NOT SYNC.

Here are the currnet Timeserv.ncf and timesync.cfg files

# To Load Timesync at boot uncomment only the line below.
# To load XNTPD at boot uncomment only the line below
LOAD xntpd

# WARNING : You can either load Timesync or XNTPD.

# TimeSync.Cfg is now updated automatically,
# when changes are made on the System Console

# TIMESYNC Configuration Parameters

Configured Sources = On
Polling Count = 3
Polling Interval = 600
Service Advertising = ON
Synchronization Radius = 2000
NTP Client Port = 0

# TIMESYNC Configured time source list

TIME SOURCE = local-server

Any help to resolve would be greatly appreciated