Hi there

It's been years since I last installed DNS DHCP on a netware, and I
must've forgotten a step somewhere.
I've created the zone, set the server to autoritative.
I've created the in-addr.arpa zone, set the server to autoritative.
I've created an A record for the server (the server name, spiff), and
pointed it to the LAN card address of the server (
I've created a PTR record in in-addr.arpa pointing the servername
(spiff) to the domain name (localdomain.org).

In the DHCP I've created a subnet.
Under this there is a subnet address range (
For the subnet I've set DNS Zone for Dynamic Update to the domain
The domain name is set to localdomain.org.
Subnet Pool Reference is None, as there is only on subnet.

The NAMED is started without parameters.
The DHCPSRVR is started with -D1 and -SERVERADDR=

On the server I see two errors:
On the DNS screen I see:
error: client WAN-IP#19755: Novell Dynamic Update: Zone not found for
reverse update.

(WAN-IP is of course the IP for the WAN NIC).

I also see an error on the console screen:
7-12-2005 9.49.37 : DHCPSRVR-3.13-0
Cannot add FQDN: MACBETH.localdomain.org with address:
to DNS server.

I've read the TID's on these errors, and as far as I can see I've done
what they require, so what's up?