After installation of SP4 Netware 6.5 there is a problem with name
resolution specific in the iPrint environment.

before SP4 the DNS name could be used in a NAL-object of a iPrinter
http://PersPRN01/ipp/OCE3145 /add /default

but after SP4 I have to use the IP-adress off the server, otherwise I get
a error message (Printer OCE3145 is not an installed iPrint printer on
this workstation).
If I use the IP-adress it is working correctly: /add /default
There is no problem to ping the server wirh the NDS name

The PersPRN01 server is a Netware 5 server with SP 7
Novell eDir
NDS version 10552.79

I can't find a know problem/solution for this. What is the solution for
this problem?