OK, since it's - hmmm - 7+ years since I did a Netware Install I thought
I'd start with a play server so I grabbed a P4 Celeron 2.6GHZ box that had
been running Kubuntu 24x7 for about three weeks, replaced the hard disk
with a blank 80GB IDE, setup a 200MB DOS partition and ran the install
process - straight away I get a crash into the debugger! The only possible
issue I could see with the box was that it had onboard graphics that was
pinching 8MB system RAM so I stuck in a PCI video card but still the same

I believe the system is OK and the only other thing at this time is that it
has 256MB RAM but I would not have thought that would be a problem so early on?

I have been into the BIOS setup and disabled ACPI awareness but can't think
of much else that even looks remotely suspicious.

I might try downloading the ISO again but the ZIP passed a checksum test
and the CD burn was verified OK.

Not much to go on, but any ideas?