We have a mixed enviornment of Novell netware 4.11(sp9-DS6.21) and Netware
6.0 (sp5-DS8.6.2)
I have to upgrade one of my NW4.11 boxes and would like to go to 6.5
however I'm not sure if
Edirectory 8.7.x will work with novell 4.11 servers running DS 6.21. Has
anyone tried this?
And does it work? Our long term goal is to move all our 4.11 boxes to
6.5, however if 6.5
does not play well with 4.11, then we will have to get all our boxes to
6.0, then upgrade
them all again to 6.5. Can anyone offer any suggestions? What are the
issues with migrating
4.11 print services to 6.x? I'd appreciate any assistance.