I have multiple "O" within a single Tree. I only have Servers within a
single "O". LDAP is running, and looks to the root of the "O" where the
LDAP server resides.


I am experimenting to find out if I can have multiple companies, logging in
to a single tree, using a single server, yet maintain security for each
Company located within their own "O".

If I haven't already confused this enough, my goal is to allow all users
regardless of the O they exist in, to be able to login to their virtual web
and access the resources they are granted access to on the 1 server. i.e.
http://comp1.com:2200 or http://comp2.com:2200 each would be able to login
to the 1 server, but users from both comps can use the iFolder, WebACC...

So far, this only works for the users that exist in the same O as the LDAP
server. Users from other "O"s receive a "user not authorized" when
attempting to login via portal services.

1. Do I need to setup an LDAP server for each O?
2. Is it harmful to have more than one LDAP server running on a physical