After installing the NW65sp4a patch I have the following line at the end of
my autoexec.ncf file, "perl --noscreen -e 'system("POSTINST.NCF")'". When
the server rebooted after the service pack install, when I thought it was
done starting everything, I went into NWConfig and opened the autoexec file
to edit some lines I had commented prior to the service pack installation.
Well, the server was not completely done initializing, so when I returned to
the system console screen there was a Perl error stating it couldn't edit
the autoexec.ncf file because it was locked.

Did I cause any harm by having autoexec.ncf tied up when the Perl program
wanted to edit it?

What editing was it trying to do?

Can I simply delete the "perl --noscreen -e 'system("POSTINST.NCF")'" line?


Brad Johnson