I upgraded the main file server from nw6sp5 to nw65sp4 over the weekend.
The upgrade was an absolute nightmare, but I called tech support and we
were able to resolve most of the problems ... enough to stop the server
from abending.

I can an old DOS "server" running a cost recovery application. After the
upgrade, this server can't find the main file server. It sees the other
Novell servers, but not the main one ... which it needs to see to transfer
the cost recovery file and to get client and user changes from us. The
paths are hardcoded into the software on this server, so I can't just have
it update to a different server. Besides, I need to upgrade the rest of
the servers to 6.5, so the problem won't go away until I find a resolution

We really need this server to login to the main file server. I know
Novell doesn't officially support the DOS client, but there are some of us
who really need it! Does anyone know what I can do to get this fixed?