We are doing a NetWare 6.5 Sp4a to Nw6.5 Sp4a across-the-wire migration for hardware upgrade purposes tomorrow night. Both are HP Proliant servers. The target server has been setup in 6.5 sp4a pre-mig state with the latest bios/Compaq PSP 7.40. We'll be using a gig unmanaged switch (will set all nics to auto). IPX has been unloaded on both servers.

1. Just use the latest Migration wizard for this?

2. Can I start a file copy tonight using xcopy or something (Gigs of data on production server) and then have an option to only overwrite newer files when I run the actual migration wizard tomorrow night to save time?

3. Question not related to this particular a-t-w upgrade - Should the Proliant Support Pack be re-installed after an In-Place upgrade from NetWare 6.0 SP5 to 6.5 SP4a? The server had the latest Compaq PSP installed prior to the In-Place upgrade, but I'm wondering if we should be reinstalling it after the In-Place upgrade so the server uses the drivers from the PSP instead of from 6.5 SP4a.

Thanks - April