We have several remote NW6 sp4 servers we plan to visit over the next month
or so.

Should we upgrade to NW65 or convert to NSS first?

These systems have 135GB total.
35GB is not partitioned at all.
There is the standard DOS partition.
There is a 30GB Trad NW part, with SYS at 14.6 GB, and 15GB free.
There is a 70GB Trad NW part, with Vol1 at 30GB, leaving 40GB free.

If I remember VCU correctly, this is the steps we will need to do?
1. Create a NSS in the 35GB free area.
2. VCU Vol1 into the the NSS area, rename volumes.
3. Delete the old Trad 70GB area.
4. Create a NSS in the 70GB area.
5. VCU SYS into the NSS area, rename volumes.
6. Delete the old Trad 30GB area.

Kind of backwards, but due to our volume sizes - that is how we should do
it, right?