I am currently building a NW6.5 server to replace our 6.0 server, After
doing the initial install, I launched NWADMIN and added the 50 nw6.5
user pack we have for it.

Out of curiosity, we have another 50 pack that is from our NW5.0 server
(now de-commisioned), so i imported those and much to my surprize, it
took them.

I am rather happy this happend this way, NW5 was unfortunately not
something we can use and NW6.5 is much much better.

So my question is; what is Novells stance/issue/whatever on licesing
from previous versions of NW, was this feature put in to allow us to
migrate all NW versions from 5.0 and up to nw6.5?

Also I guess i should ask does this have something to do with the Server
licensing disk? (I had received a 1000 server pack, when switching from
NW3.12 -> NW6.5).