OK, a while ago I had posted a problem with an SBS65 server I have at a
client. 6.5SBS, P4-2.4G, dual SATA drives in a NW mirroring config (chipset
ws NOT supported in NW65), GW654 online, Pro100 Nic. The issue was that at
specific times system util would go to 100% without anything apparently
running to cause it, and there would be a somewhat more random occurance
during business hours where the console was so slow it appeared to be
locked up. System also has BE9.1 Netware version installed.

The advice at the time was to look at Console->Monitor->Kernel->Busiest
Threads to see what was going on. Unfortunately these periods would last
from 10-30 minutes and often I was not in a position to remote in and see
the screens.

Today all that changed; I was able to catch one incident and get additional
information on it.

From Console Monitor screen:

Busiest Threads

VxNDMP_523076C0 3,xxx,xxx
httpexpthread31 32,xxx

As you can see there was a dramatic difference with the largest thread vs.
the next one on thescreen.

Further checking later on showed something that caught me offguard: the
logger screen showed a snapshot pool being created, then being deleted a
few minutes after creation several times. I am unfamiliar with what this
event is doing, as my limited info on snapshot pools is that they should at
least be sticking around! These appear to be created, then deleted in a
very short period of time. Is it possible that this activity could be what
pegs the server utilization for periods of time at somewhat regular
frequencies? If it is possible, how can I tracedown who (task) is doing
them, and reconfigure so they only run later on or not during business
hours? an "MM SNAP LIST" shows no snapshots at all, so I am confused as
heck on what is going on here!