I am having problems since the installation of sp4a and N65NSS4b on a NW6.5
sp3 server. The server is locking up during backup without writing anything
to the abend log. I am participating in a discussion in the abends-hangs

I have some general questions about the service pack installation. Is there
a log somewhere which would indicate whether there were any errors during
the install? This server has file archive/versioning installed. Somewhere
during this process the Arkstart.ncf and Arkstop.ncf files were removed from
the Sys:System directory. I am wondering if this is an indication of an
incomplete service pack install?

I am wondering about uninstalling the patches and attempting to reinstall.
Is this the best plan? I have run a poolrebuild on this server's pools
since the update (just to see if it might correct something that was causing
backup to crash). Will this be a problem if I back rev to a previous
version of NSS? Should I be considering a "down server upgrade" to install
this patch rather than the normal patching method?

Any other concerns I should have about uninstalling the patches? The server
has been running and in use for 5 days since the installation of patches.

Thanks for your help,

Brad Johnson