I have a few questions about 5.1 > 6.5 upgrade:

If the server has NSS volumes already, do I need to use the “Volume Copy
Upgrade” or only “nss /zlssvolumeupgrade=all”.

I only “nss /zlssvolumeupgrade=all” needs to be used can I run it
immediately after the upgrade is finished and then “mount all” straight
away without corrupting data.

The SLP on the servers is “unscoped” at the moment with all the Windows
systems using the 4.9SP2 Client and their “Directory Agent List” under
the "Service Location" TAB of the client properties has the DA’s hostname
checked as “static” and the "Scope List" is BLANK.
If I configure the DA server as it reads in “TID10059981” and leave the
clients as is, will this work.