I am configuring a new server (a Dell PE2850 not purchased yet) and have
questions about RAID and split backplanes.

We are currently running Netware 6.5 SP2

Our current server has a single backplane, RAID 5, (4) 36 GB drives.

Would there be any advantage to configure a new server with a split
backplane, one running RAID 1 and the other running RAID 5?

I guess the idea being that I might distribute the 'load' by installing
the OS part of NW6.5 (including the the SYS volume) to the RAID 1
partition and then other/additional (data) volumes to the RAID 5?

Could you have two have two identical drives, maybe 36 GB, on the RAID 1
and 2-4 larger drives, maybe 73 GB (10K), drives on the RAID 5 side?

It seems with the 36 GB RAID 1 partition there would be a lot of
wasted/unused space(?)

Thanks for your help.